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As market leaders in online courier brokering, we have well-established delivery routes operating all across Europe, and provide a competitively priced service to take parcels to Ukraine. Our ability to buy bulk space with the world's best courier firms allows us to secure excellent discounts and pass the savings onto our customers to provide the lowest international delivery rates in the industry. Don't believe us? Get an instant quote by entering the details of your parcel, its place of origin and the address of your recipient in the form above.

Situated in Eastern Europe, Ukraine shares borders with Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus and Russia, with a long stretch of coastline along the Black Sea. Despite being one of the largest countries in Europe, Ukraine's population is 42.5 million - that's 20 million less than the UK, which is less than half its size! The majority of Ukraine's inhabitants live in the capital of Kiev, Kharkiv and the region of Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovsk), but with RAND Logistics you can send goods anywhere in Ukraine, from Lviv to Luhansk.

Shipping Restrictions

Ukraine customs outline a number items which are restricted or prohibited from entering the country via mail. It's important that you check these rules before packing your goods, as improperly declared items will result in your consignment being delayed or destroyed.

It's illegal to send passports or personal identity cards into Ukraine, as well as prescription narcotics or psychotropic drugs. You are also prohibited from sending items of high value, such as currency, precious stones and metals, works of art and collectors' items via the post.

While some items are completely forbidden, it may be that your goods are permitted as long as the proper certification has been obtained beforehand, or your recipient has been authorised to accept the package. For example, prescription medicines for personal use may be sent from the UK to Ukraine, as long as your addressee has authorisation from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. Similarly, certain food items are permitted only if they meet local sanitary standards and are accompanied by a certificate of conformity issued by the State Committee for Standardisation and Measures. These include meats, fish, dairy goods, cereals, coffee, tea, cocoa and much more.  

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