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With more and more packages sent from the UK to Uganda each year, it is becoming one of the most popular destinations for parcels from the UK and RAND Logistics have extensive experience of this growing market. Because of the way in which we operate, negotiating with our many courier partners to provide better rates, we can offer significant savings on parcel delivery to Uganda.

The Republic of Uganda is a landlocked East African country that borders Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, the world's youngest country. Its population is on the increase as the economy continues to grow and an estimated 35.8 million inhabitants call Uganda home, making it Africa's 10th most populous nation.

If you're looking to send a parcel to Uganda, whether to a residential or business address, we can offer you unbeatable rates. Simply enter your details in the form above and we'll provide you with an instant quote to ship your package quickly and efficiently to Uganda from wherever you are in the UK. 

Shipping Restrictions

If you are thinking of sending a parcel to a friend or relative in Uganda, it is important to have a look at the Ugandan shipping restrictions and prohibitions to ensure that the package you are trying to send isn?t breaking any shipping laws. Check with your intended recipient to ensure that they have all the necessary permits and documentation which will allow your parcel save passage into the country, as not having all the permits will complicate delivery. The addressee must obtain authorisation from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry at Kampala for most types of merchandise, and they should receive this before you attempt to post your parcel.

Certain items may only be sent in registered First-Class Mail International or First-Class Package International Service shipments, including coins, banknotes, securities made payable to bearer, traveller?s checks, platinum, gold or silver, precious stones, jewellery and other valuable articles. Used bedding or clothing can only be imported if they are accompanied by a certificate of disinfection.

All radioactive materials are strictly prohibited by the Ugandan country mailing conditions. Switchblade knives are prohibited, as are firearms and ammunition except under specific permit which must be provided with the parcel. Japanese shaving brushes are also not permitted for import into Uganda. All lottery tickets, any articles pertaining to lotteries and advertisements containing lotteries are prohibited when sending parcels to Uganda. Any hazardous or combustible material as defined in IATA Regulations is prohibited.

The shipping of live animals and plants are also prohibited, including any parts of, or articles made from them, such as furs or medicine. Human remains are not permitted in accordance with Ugandan country mailing conditions, including ashes. For more details on shipping restrictions and prohibitions to Uganda it is recommended that you contact your local Customer Service Advisor.