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RAND Logistics is a world-leading courier broker, operating an established, global network. Our relationships and buying power with large, recognised couriers mean that we can offer fast and reliable delivery to anywhere in Europe, at the most competitive rates in the industry. By arranging bulk deals with carriers in advance, we can secure excellent discounts and pass those benefits on to you.

Hundreds of customers each week take advantage of this to send gifts and goods into Sweden inexpensively and without fuss. We have experienced couriers taking parcels not only to Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg, but Lund, Karlstad, Sundsvall and more.

Sweden - officially the Kingdom of Sweden - is part of Northern Europe. To the west lies Norway, and connected by a bridge tunnel is Denmark, to the southwest. Together, these countries make up the region of Scandinavia, sharing a similar language, history and culture. Despite being the third-largest country in the European Union geographically, Sweden hosts a population of just 10 million, which makes it one of the most sparsely populated. Just under a quarter of the population live in the metropolitan Stockholm area, but whether you're sending a parcel to the heart of the capital or into the northernmost reaches of Sweden, we can get it there quickly and safely.

Shipping Restrictions

Parcels to Sweden can be addressed to either a private street address or to a post office box. If you are sending a parcel to a post office box then you must provide a local telephone number for the recipient. While it is not mandatory to provide a local number if you are using a street address, it is still recommended for a reliable delivery. 

If you are sending personal goods to Sweden, any shipment over the value of $300 will need a duplicate invoice; as will any commercial packages, regardless of market value. These invoices must be securely fixed to the outside of your packaging, or the details can be added to the PS Form 2976-E, along with the appropriate customs declaration.

Like many countries, Sweden maintains a list of items which are prohibited from entering the country by mail. Many of these items are commonly forbidden around the world; firearms, weapons and ammunition, for example. It is not possible to send live plants or animals into the country, nor can you import human remains. 

Pharmaceuticals, precious metals, currency and food made from animal products are all strictly regulated by Swedish customs. If you intend to send or import any of these products into the country, you or your recipient will require certain licenses, authorisation or approval beforehand. Please check with the official customs website before sending, as illegal contents will prevent your parcel from arriving safely. 

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