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Cheap Parcel Delivery to Slovenia

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With more and more packages sent from the UK to Slovenia each year, it is becoming one of the most popular destinations for parcels from the UK and RAND Logistics have extensive experience of this growing market. Because of the way in which we operate, negotiating with our many courier partners to provide better rates, we can offer significant savings on parcel delivery to Slovenia.

The Republic of Slovenia was the first country to declare independence from Yugoslavia, back in 1991, and has subsequently become the first former Communist country to enter the Eurozone. One of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, over half of the country is covered by lush green forest which is enjoyed by its relatively modest population of just over 2 million inhabitants.

RAND Logistics can offer excellent value deals on sending parcels to Slovenia from the UK and we invite visitors to take advantage of our rates by filling in the above form for a free instant quotation. We're confident you won't find more competitive rates on international delivery to Slovenia anywhere else. 

Shipping Restrictions

It is wise to check Slovenia's list of prohibited and restricted items before sending a parcel to someone in the country. Sending an item that features on Slovenia's list of prohibited items could result in your parcel being intercepted and potentially destroyed. Items on the restricted list require some form of documentation or authorisation from a third party. You certainly don't want to lose a gift or item that you cherish. Before sending your parcel to Slovenia, use the following information to help keep your item safe from customs.

Slovenia prohibit the importation of hazardous materials such as acids, batteries, chemicals and other corrosives. Any item that is classed as being dangerous by the International Air Transport Association is also prohibited. Perfume and toiletries are prohibited whilst other obvious candidates such as radioactive materials and infectious substances are present on the list. Flammable items, paints and graphite products are also prohibited whilst liquor cannot be imported to Slovenia either.

Be sure to not send an item that requires ice packaging as this will also be seized by customs due to ice, both wet and dry, being present on Slovenia's list of prohibited items. It may be necessary to contact your addressee regarding items that are restricted without certain documentation.

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