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Parcel delivery to Singapore is very competitive these days and that's why RAND Logistics are able to offer incredibly low rates on sending packages to Singapore from the UK. Thanks to some significant discounts we've been able to negotiate with our courier partners, our customers can enjoy some of the very best rates available on shipments to Singapore.

The Republic of Singapore is a city state at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in south east Asia. A leading financial centre, Singapore is also the world's fifth busiest port and the country's economy heavily depends on imports and exports. Despite its small size Singapore is one of the wealthiest nations on Earth and its per capita income is the third highest in the world.

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Shipping Restrictions

It is absolutely vital that you check Singapore's list of prohibited and restricted items before sending a parcel there. Any item that complies with this list can be seized by customs and potentially destroyed. If you are sending a gift to a friend over in Singapore you must make sure the item is not present on the list as you may be surprised by what is prohibited when it comes to shipping across the world. Use the following information to become more aware of what can and cannot be sent to Singapore.

Singapore do not allow firearms and accessories of firearms to be shipped into the country, nor do they permit the shipping of various currencies and valuable materials. Advertisements that represent a lottery or lottery tickets in general are prohibited, whilst butane gas lighters and their refills cannot be shipped to Singapore either. Any advertisement that represents charms, talismans or amulets is prohibited. Some forms of precious stones can be sent to Singapore as long as they meet specific requirements when being shipped.

Meat and animal products require an import permit from the Director of Primary Production in Singapore. They must also be addressed to the addressee after reaching the Director of Primary Production. Some forms of merchandise may require import licenses, so it's important that you contact the addressee with regards to licensing of certain products that are shipped to them.