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Cheap Parcel to Saudi Arabia

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For the very best rates on international shipping to Saudi Arabia from the UK, RAND Logistics can deliver. We've got experience in this busy courier route and can offer prices that our competitors just cannot match.

Saudi Arabia is the second largest country in the Arab world and has a rapidly growing population of over 27 million people, of which some 9 million are expats. With such a high proportion of foreign nationals in the country the volume of postal traffic received in Saudi Arabia is huge and it's now one of the most popular destinations that RAND Logistics deliver to.

For sending a parcel to Saudi Arabia there are numerous options these days, however none are more competitively priced than international shipping from RAND Logistics. Using our instant quote form above you can find out the best price we can offer you for delivery of your goods to Saudi Arabia and we're confident we won't be beaten on price.

Shipping Restrictions

Saudi Arabia prohibit the shipping of certain items into their country and it is important you are aware of these items before sending a parcel on its way. Any item that is seized by customs can be destroyed, which is why you should thoroughly check Saudi Arabia's prohibition and restriction policies before attempting to send a gift or item that you cherish. The following information gives you an idea of what can be sent to Saudi Arabia without triggering an interception from customs.

Military equipment that can be classed as material used for war or violence is prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Various coins, banknotes and precious materials such as stones and jewellery are all prohibited, along with any other valuable articles. Substances that could potentially be infectious that are perishable are also prohibited. Saudi Arabia prohibits any texts or prints that are contrary to the Islamic faith.

Medicines, food and plant products are all restricted unless they are accompanied by authorisation from the General Food and Medicine Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All forms of postage require necessary documentation for these products. Registered postage is not permitted when sending cassette tapes as they must be sent in ordinary postage to go through customs. 

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