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RAND Logistics have been delivering parcels from the UK to Russia for many years, and have an established network to help you get your goods anywhere in the country quickly and easily. We've built up excellent relationships with the world's most reliable courier services, and use our massive buying power to secure excellent discounts on shipments all over Russia. These savings are passed on to you, so you know that you're getting the lowest prices in the industry.

Russia is the largest country in the world and accounts for more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area. It borders 14 other countries, extending from eastern Europe across northern Asia, and is just 55 miles short of reaching Alaska across the Bering Strait. Out of 144 million inhabitants, more than three quarters live in the western area, in cities like Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, and of course, the capital of Moscow.

With extensive experience in sending parcels all over Russia, RAND Logistics can help you deliver anything from a single document envelope to a large shipment of multiple packages. We pride ourselves on our efficient service and competitive rates, to ensure complete customer satisfaction every time. To get an instant quote, simply fill out the form found at the start of this page and see how much you can save with RAND Logistics.

Shipping Restrictions

Russia manages a strict list regarding the items that are prohibited from entering the country via mail, or have some form of restriction placed upon them. Most countries operate equivalent policies, so it is always worth checking your goods against an official customs website before you seal your packages. Russia has a particularly extensive list, so take extra care to ensure that your consignment does not contain any prohibited materials. If your parcel is suspected or found to be containing illegal items it will be delayed, withheld and possibly destroyed. You and your recipient may also be fined.

Commonly prohibited items: Firearms and weaponry, alcohol, tobacco, chemical materials, currency (coins and banknotes) and live animals. When sending parcels to Russia, you will also not be allowed to send fishing equipment, perishable materials, or biological matter that may spread disease in local produce. Items considered a "detriment to Russian society" are also forbidden, such as obscene printed material, items deemed "indecent", or products that promote terrorism or extremism.

You will need to obtain special permission for certain insects, such as silkworms and bees, which may only be imported for personal use. Your recipient will also have to prove a business interest if you are sending technical devices, radioactive materials or plant matter. The customs requirements of Russia are detailed, so if you are at all unsure about the legality of the items you wish to send, check with your addressee or a customs official before posting.

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