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For the most competitive rates and the highest level of service sending a parcel to Portugal, RAND Logistics are proud to offer the best on both accounts. Through the great deals we've negotiated with our courier partners we can pass on these significant savings on international shipping to Portugal to you the customer.

Portugal is mainland Europe's most western country, sharing the Iberian peninsula with Spain, Gibraltar and Andorra. With a population of 10.5 million Portugal is the 13th most populous country in Europe and the 19th largest by area. Still known for its far reaching influence as a colonial empire in the age of discovery, Portugal today is a developed nation with a high quality of life that has remained politically neutral throughout the past century.

If you have a parcel to send to Portugal, large or small, whether destined for Lagos or Lisbon, RAND Logistics are proud to offer the very best rates available for deliveries across the country. Simply use the form above to get an instant quotation and find out why so many customers keep coming back to us.

Shipping Restrictions

You should make sure that you are well aware of the list of prohibited and restricted items that Portugal provides before sending a parcel there. Prohibited items are capable of being seized and destroyed by customs, which is why it is vitally important that you know what can and cannot be sent. Restricted items tend to require authorisation, so you need to be made aware of what items will require certain documents. Before sending a gift or valuable item to Portugal, make sure it is not present on either list. Use the following information to guide you.

Items including arms, ammunition and weaponry cannot be sent to Portugal, whilst other typical items such as live animals, human remains, currencies and precious stones such as gold or silver are all present on the list of prohibited items. Any cigarette lighters that contain butane gas will also be intercepted by customs as they are prohibited in Portugal.

There are many items that require import permits to reach Portugal but this is especially the case for items that are meant for commercial use. The Director General of Health of Portugal must submit authorisation to allow the shipping of medicines into the country as well.