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For exceptionally low parcel delivery rates for international courier services to Norway from the UK, RAND Logistics can deliver. We are experienced couriers for this popular postal route and we can offer parcel delivery prices that our competitors just cannot match. Thanks to some significant discounts we've been able to negotiate with our courier partners, our customers can enjoy some of the very best rates available on shipments to Norway.

The Kingdom of Norway forms the western end of the Scandinavian peninsular of northern Europe and its 5 million inhabitants make it the second most sparsely populated country on the continent. Unlike its neighbours Denmark, Sweden and Finland, Norway is not a member of the European Union although it retains strong links with the rest of Europe. As the largest producer of oil and natural gas outside of the Middle East, Norway has a high level of wealth and subsequently offers a very high quality of life for its citizens. Despite its large fossil fuel reserves, the country is almost entirely self-sufficient on hydroelectric power.

Sending a parcel to Norway couldn't be easier these days, and with RAND Logistics you'll get impeccable service at rock bottom prices. Use our instant quote form above to find out the best price for delivery of your goods to Norway. We are confident we won't be beaten on price.

We can deliver all over Norway, so whether it's inland to Oslo or to Bergen on the coastal fjords, RAND Logistics have all of Norway's postal routes covered. With our competitive prices, free online tracking service, and easy to use service, RAND Logistics are the perfect choice for getting your parcel delivered to Norway cheaply and efficiently. Get your instant quote and get in touch today. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Shipping Restrictions

It's important to check what you can and cannot send to Norway before attempting to ship a parcel there. As is typically the case with international parcel delivery, Norway has a list of prohibited and restricted items that can't be sent. Be sure not to send any of these items as they will be seized. Any parcel sent to Norway that doesn't comply with their list of prohibited and restricted items can be intercepted and destroyed. To avoid disappointment, it is vitally important that you check this list before you risk having a gift or cherished item seized by customs. 

Norway prohibits the shipping of explosive substances, including those that are inflammable or dangerous. Any radioactive materials and firearm accessories are also not allowed to be shipped and will be seized by customs. Pharmaceutical products are also prohibited. 

You'll need a permit from the Technical Alcohol committee for the shipping of cosmetic products such as perfumes that contain alcohol.

The Norwegian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority must provide a permit before the shipping of radio equipment such as phones, walkie-talkies and remote controls.

The Bank of Norway must authorise any Norwegian currencies before posting.

Any animal products intended for consumption must be authorised by the veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Firearms can only be sent to Norway with the authorisation of the Norwegian police.

These are just some of the restrictions and prohibitions in place to be mindful of when sending a parcel to Norway. Always check what the current prohibitions and restrictions are before sending your parcel. If you need any help with shipping restrictions, don't hesitate to call one of our experienced advisers. 

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