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Cheap Parcel Delivery to Kerala in India

Rates starting at just £20.00

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Need to send a parcel to Kerala in India? Sending a parcel to Kerala from the UK has never been easier with the professional assistance from the team at RAND Logistics. With extensive experience shipping parcels to and from Kerala in India and across the world, RAND Logistics takes pride in providing an exceptional service that gets your parcel exactly where it needs to be.


As we work hand in hand with many world leading courier companies, we can provide significant postal discounts for our customers, no matter where in the world your package may be going. With a number of first-class deals for parcel delivery to Kerala and all across India, we pass down all great savings directly to you, our customers, ensuring satisfaction in every delivery.


With a population of over 34.5 million people as of the 2012 census, Kerala is a thriving city that cultivates a huge variety of postal traffic every single year. Located in South India, along the Malabar Coast, Kerala, also known as Keralam historically is the thirteenth largest state in the country by population. With the city itself divided into 14 different districts, the capital is Thiruvananthapuram (alternatively Trivandrum), so it is essential that all post is delivered as safely and swiftly as possible, a service that RAND Logistics prides itself in.

Shipping Restrictions

Customers choose RAND Logistics for our competitive prices and our unbeatable level of service, so no matter what you're looking to courier to Kerala, you can be confident RAND Logistics will get your parcel there in the shortest time possible and at an unbeatable rate. Simply enter your details in the form above and within seconds we can provide you with an accurate quotation offering you the very best possible price.


It is important that you take note of any important shipping restrictions and prohibited products, to ensure that your parcel makes it safely to its destination. We have provided a brief summary of prohibited and restricted products for you below.


Prohibited Products

The following products are not permitted in a parcel to Kerala under any circumstances. Mobile phones, electronic tablets or similar mobile devices, opium, Lac; gums, resins and other vegetable saps and extracts and both live and wild animals are prohibited in parcels to Kerala. Animal or vegetable fats, oils, prepared edible fats, animal or vegetable waxes, tallow and oils rendered otherwise and animal parts, products and ivory are also not permitted for delivery into Kerala.


Restricted Products


Sending a parcel to Kerala in India can be difficult, due to the sheer number of restrictions on posting to India. Import will be allowed against a license, but only in accordance with a Public Notice issued on your behalf. Examples of restricted products include drugs and pharmaceutical products, all types of penicillin 6-APA, chemicals and allied items, essential oils, perfumes, explosives, pyrotechnic products, radioactive material, photographic or cinematographic products, feature films and video films and more.  Newsprint, raw silk, silk fabric, wool, wool fabric and raw cotton are also restricted when delivering to Kerala.


For more details on all shipping restrictions on parcel delivery to Kerala, check shipping restrictions to India before you send your goods.

Expert Service Anywhere in the World

RAND Logistics are a team of experts, who provide swift and professional delivery services to anywhere in the world. If you are looking to send a parcel to somewhere else in India, why not visit our section on parcel deliveries to India? We offer excellent rates on parcels to Punjab, deliveries to West Bengal and packages sent to Haryana and further afield. Get your completely free quotation today with the help of RAND Logistics.