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Parcel delivery to Japan is highly competitive, and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the best rates in the industry. At RAND Logistics, we work to create a strong relationship with the world's top couriers and secure significant discounts by sending hundreds of parcels to Japan every week. This allows us to pass the benefit on to our customers, and provide a reliable and efficient service at impressively low prices.

Japan is comprised of approximately 6,852 individual islands, situated in the Pacific Ocean, to the east of mainland Asia. The largest of these islands, Honshu, is home to the capital capital city of Tokyo and it's 13 million inhabitants, which make it the most populous metropolitan area in the world. In total, over 127 million people call the country home, so it's no surprise that the postal traffic between Japan and the UK is so high.

If you need to send a parcel to Japan, the capabilities of the RAND Logistics network mean that we can deliver it anywhere in the archipelago at the lowest possible rate. For an instant quote, simply enter the details of your parcel in the form at the top of this page and find the courier option that works best for you.

Shipping Restrictions

Whether you are sending parcels to Sapporo on Hokkaidu, Kumamoto on Kyushu, or any or the surrounding smaller islands, make sure that the contents of your package are in line with the restrictions of the Japanese postal service. Every nation has its own prohibited goods list, and while it may be common sense not to include commonly disallowed products in your parcel to Japan, the country has some specific requirements which differ to those found in the USA or EU.

It's not surprising that controlled substances such as narcotics and obscene material are prohibited from entering the country. Firearms, explosives and flammable liquids are also not acceptable for postage, including perfume, nail varnish and alcohol. If you are trying to send a care package of food over to a friend or relative, make sure that all items are in their original manufacturer's packaging, and have a shelf life of at least six months.

Shipping currency is restricted in Japan, and you will only be able to send coins, banknotes or payments orders via first-class international mail, or insured Priority Mail parcels. Weapons can only be imported if the recipient has explicit permission from specialist authorities beforehand, and any counterfeit goods are strictly forbidden.

The penalty for sending prohibited items, or goods without proper authorisation, is usually having the package seized and destroyed by customs. In some cases, officials may let your parcel into the country but charge your recipient a significant fine upon collection. It?s strongly advised that you check Japan's official postal service restriction list prior to sending your parcel, as RAND Logistics are not responsible for delayed or destroyed packages containing item of concern.

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