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Parcel shipments between the UK and Ireland are frequent and numerous and in recent years the cost to the consumer has come down dramatically. RAND Logistics are experienced within the market and have been delivering packages to Ireland for many years, offering the best rates in the industry.

The Emerald Isle of Ireland may be culturally and geographically close to the UK but shipping to the Republic is still classed as international postage so it is beneficial to shop around for the best prices on parcel delivery to Ireland.

RAND Logistics are pleased to offer customers an unrivalled quality of service and the best rates available for courier shipments across the Irish Sea to the Republic of Ireland so if you have a package you want to send to Ireland, be sure to get a quote from us. Simply enter your details in the form above for an instant quotation, we're confident you won't find a better deal anywhere else.

Shipping Restrictions

Before sending a gift or parcel to Ireland, be sure to check their list of prohibitions and restrictions. Any item that complies with either of the two lists can be held by customs and subsequently destroyed. There are a number of items present on Ireland's prohibition and restriction lists that are relatively unique; therefore it would be wise to glance over the information below before shipping a parcel to Ireland.

The shipping of arms and weapons and live animals or plants is prohibited in Ireland as is the case with many other countries. Ireland also prohibits the importation of articles that lack indication of origin or those bearing false trademarks. Coins that are minted in a foreign country, other than gold or silver, are forbidden for shipping along with counterfeit coins. Unlike many countries, Ireland prohibits the importation of hay and straw products in particular. Peat moss, except under license, is prohibited along with prison-made goods. Fireworks and safety fuses are among prohibited explosives and tobacco, cigars and cigarettes that are altered in certain ways are also forbidden.

Carbon paper is restricted in Ireland unless it is accompanied by a customs declaration that states "Typewriter carbon paper coated with wax and containing no oxidisable fatty substances". The importation of tea may be subject to customs regulations. Diluted and adulterated food or drink must be labelled accordingly. Special regulations are set for many food products including fruit and vegetables. Certain products such as clothes, bulbs, thread, felt, brushes, electrical component parts and certain fabrics require an import license.

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