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With an established delivery network all over Europe, RAND Logistics can send your parcel quickly, safely and cost-effectively to anywhere in Germany. We have been working with our courier partners for many years, sending hundreds of thousands of packages to Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and everywhere in between. Use the form at the top of the page to get an instant quote at our most competitive rates, and enjoy the efficient service of our world-leading courier partners.

With approximately 82 million inhabitants, it's no surprise that Germany is one of our top destinations for goods and documents sent from the UK. It's one of the richest countries in the world by GDP and is the second most popular immigration destination in the world. Over 3.7 million people live in the German capital of Berlin, which is internationally famous for its history, culture, media and science, and is consistently recognised as being among the top cities in the world for offering a high quality of life.

No matter whether you're shipping a large consignment to Leipzig or a single set of documents to Stuttgart, you can be sure that RAND Logistics won't be beaten on price.

Shipping Restrictions

Whenever you send a parcel internationally it is important to check with the official customs to see what can and cannot be contained inside. While many prohibited items seem obvious, many countries have some specific and unusual items that are forbidden or restricted via mail. If your parcels do not adhere to the customs rules in either the UK or German, you risk your goods being delayed, withheld and even destroyed. To ensure your parcel is delivered safely and quickly make sure you are familiar with the items Germany does not allow through its borders.

For example, weapons of any kind are not allowed to be sent to Germany without special authorisation, including ammunition, firearm accessories, blades and imitation weapons. The same rule applies to pharmaceuticals, plants and animal products.

While you are permitted to send small amounts of alcoholic spirits (providing that they are in a consumable state), it is forbidden to send any items intended for the production beer, whether for use in a brewery or private residence. You are also unable to send playing cards except in fully sealed, complete decks, or mobile devices containing lithium (including lithium batteries).

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