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Cheap Parcel Delivery to France

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Sending a parcel across the English Channel has never been easier, thanks to RAND Logistics' fast, reliable and cost-effective courier network, which carries parcels all over France every day. We offer an excellent service, and our long-established relationships with the world's best couriers allow us to reserve spaces in bulk, achieving significant discounts and passing the benefit on to you.

With approximately 67 million residents, France is the second most populous country in the EU. We send thousands of parcels to its corners every week, from Marseille in the south to Lille in the north and everywhere in between. Its capital, Paris, has over 2.15 million people living in its centre and around 10 million more residing in the city suburbs. Situated in the Ile-de-France region, Paris is known as a centre for art, culture, food and romance, and its stunning architecture and inimitable style attracts over 36 million visitors a year.

Our courier network makes sending a parcel to France simple. To see just how competitive our quotes are, fill out the form at the top of the page for an instant price at our best rates. We're sure you won't find better international delivery charges anywhere else.

Shipping Restrictions

Sending a parcel to France with RAND Logistics is straightforward, as long as you ensure that your consignment doesn't contain anything that is prohibited or restricted by the French customs department. As with most countries, France has a list of items that are strictly regulated within its borders, and are therefore forbidden to be imported via mail.

Many of the items on France's prohibited list are to be expected. Military equipment, weapons, firearms and ammunition are forbidden, as are radioactive materials and plant matter. However, you may be surprised to learn that butane lighters, imitation pearls containing lead salts, feeding bottles and saccharine are also disallowed. You are also not allowed to import measuring tools that do not adhere to French law, and pharmaceuticals will require a special import license.

Other unusual restricted items include honey and beeswax, which must have a certificate of origin and proof from a qualified official that they are free from contamination. Books written in French and published abroad must be labelled with the name of their printer and publisher, and canned produce must clearly state its country of origin. Make sure to check the official French custom policies before packaging your items, so that your goods aren't delayed on the way to their destination.

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