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For competitive rates on parcel delivery to Finland along with excellent levels of service, you can count on RAND Logistics. An established name in the market for international courier deliveries from the UK to Finland, we've been arranging the safe delivery of goods from our customers for many years and have earned a reputation as a provider you can trust.

The Republic of Finland is the European Union's most sparsely populated country with 5.4 million people sharing the 130,596 square miles that make it Europe's eighth largest country. Bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia, Finland is best known as the home of The Moomins - fictional troll-like characters created by children's author Tove Janssen.

RAND Logistics are pleased to offer customers an unrivalled quality of service and the best rates available for shipments across the North Sea to Finland so if you have a package you want to send to Finland, be sure to get a quote from us. Simply enter your details in the form above for an instant quotation, we're confident you won't find a better deal anywhere else..

Shipping Restrictions

Prohibition of specific goods in Finland is something you should be aware of before attempting to ship a gift or regular parcel into the country. If your parcel matches the description of items listed on Finland's list of prohibited and restricted items, you may be forced to deal with their customs office. We recommend that you check the information provided below before attempting to send a parcel into Finland.

The usual items that include weaponry, ammunition, firearms and their parts, clip magazines and replica weapons are all prohibited. Explosive devices are forbidden whilst other items commonly found on prohibition lists such as live animals and plants are also not permitted. Dangerous waste and radioactive materials are also classed as prohibitions.

Finland has many restrictions with regards to their shipping policies. The Finnish Ministry of Agriculture must provide authorisation for the importation of meat products. Medicines, drugs and any products that are classed as pharmaceuticals by Finnish authorities must be addressed to authorised personnel that include manufacturers, dealers, public health officials or scientists. The usage and distribution of these pharmaceuticals must be in accordance with Finnish regulations. Doses of medicines must be clearly labelled with their nature and quantity.

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