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Cheap Parcel Delivery to Denmark

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Thanks to much improved competition in the global shipping markets, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the low rates on sending parcels to Denmark. RAND Logistics have a great deal of experience operating in this market and have seen a significant increase in customer deliveries from the UK to Denmark in recent years thanks to the popularity of websites like eBay and the incredibly low rates now available on pan European courier services.

The Kingdom of Denmark is famed as the original homeland of the seafaring Vikings and the nation has a rich maritime history. It is widely regarded as one of the happiest and most pleasant countries to live on the planet, regularly coming out favourably in international polls on quality of life. Along with northern neighbours Norway and Sweden, Denmark forms part of Scandinavia and its many outlying islands are often referred to as the Danish archipelago.

RAND Logistics can offer excellent value deals on sending parcels to Denmark from the UK and we invite visitors to take advantage of our rates by filling in the above form for a free instant quotation. We're confident you won't find more competitive rates on international delivery to Denmark anywhere else.

Shipping Restrictions

Denmark hold a list of prohibited and restricted items that are required to be addressed should you not intend to deal with their Customs office after shipping a parcel into the country. Items shipped to Denmark that adhere to their list of prohibited and restricted items will be intercepted by the customs office. If you plan on sending a gift or other item into Denmark, it is vital that you know what will successfully make it through customs.

Knives, firearms and many other forms of weaponry are prohibited. These are accompanied by radioactive materials, live plants or animals and milk products such as powdered milk or food mixtures that contain it. More unique items you may be unaware of are lighters used as catalysts for ignition and playing cards. Tobacco that is finely cut and attached to cigarette paper is also forbidden.

The restriction list carries a number of relatively common items, including both Danish and foreign stocks unless they have a permit issued by the National Bank of Denmark. You are allowed to import medicines if their value is less than 100 Danish kroner. The medicines must be recognisable by pharmacists, laboratories and authorised dealers.

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