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Cheap Parcel Delivery to the Czech Republic

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For sending a parcel to the Czech Republic, RAND Logistics can offer great rates and excellent service. We work with suppliers to provide the most competitive rates available to our customers on international delivery to the Czech Republic.

The western half of the former Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic is the most developed country in Eastern Europe and is famed as the birthplace of lager. Czechs are renowned for drinking more beer than any other country in the world and the Czech brewing industry attracts millions of tourists each year. Its ancient capital of Prague is Europe's 6th most visited city.

If you're looking to send a parcel to the Czech Republic, large or small, RAND Logistics have the experience and expertise to offer you the best courier service at the lowest possible rate. From Plzen to Prague, we deliver to every corner of the Czech Republic and are confident you won't find a better price than we can offer. Simply fill in your details above for an instant quote and find out just how low our prices are for international shipping to the Czech Republic.

Shipping Restrictions

Before shipping parcels to the Czech Republic, it's important to know that your item will make it through customs successfully. The Czech Republic have their own list of prohibited and restricted items that may cause problems with customs should you attempt to ship any of them in to the country. It can save you plenty of time and energy knowing what can and cannot be sent to the Czech Republic as you don?t want to have to be dealing with their customs office.

The majority of items on the Czech Republic's prohibited list are relatively commonplace, with radioactive materials and perishable infectious or non-infectious substances such as meat and milk included. Items that originate from a protected species are also prohibited, such as reptile skin, some forms of coral and wood from the Amazon rainforest. Playing cards are also forbidden along with various publications that are contrary to the State public order.

The Czech Republic also has a number of restricted items including coins, paper money and security values of any kind. The State Bank must authorise the importation of unmanufactured gold, silver and platinum. Gift shipments are required to be sent by private individuals and not commercial firms.

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