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For competitive rates on parcel delivery to Belgium along with the very best level of service, you can count on RAND Logistics. A major player in the market for international deliveries from the UK to Belgium, we've been organising the safe delivery of customers' goods for many years and have gained a reputation as a courier provider you can trust.

The Kingdom of Belgium is considered the very centre of Europe and as it houses the European Union's HQ it is seen by many as the continent's capital. As well as the EU, Belgium's capital of Brussels is home to many major international organisations, including NATO, who have been there since their inception in 1949. A truly multicultural nation, Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French and German.

If you want a parcel sent to Belgium, whether to Flanders in the north or Wallonia in the south, RAND Logistics are pleased to offer a free competitive quotation service to all our visitors. Simply input your details in the form above and receive an instant quote for the very best price we can give you to ship your goods to Belgium.

Shipping Restrictions

When you send items to another country, it is really important that you check with an up to date source before you send them to make sure you know which items are prohibited and restricted for entry into that country. For instance, if you are sending a parcel to Belgium, check with the Belgian postal service to ensure everything you send will be allowed through customs.

While Belgium doesn't have an extensive list of prohibited items, there are still some which will not be allowed into the country. For instance, arms and weapons and radioactive materials are not allowed into Belgium under any circumstances as they could harm the post handlers. Live plants and animals and perishable infectious biological substances are also not allowed in as there could be a risk of contamination.

Furthermore, you cannot send human remains, such as ashes or bones, to Belgium, and bronze, copper and nickel coins which are not legal tender in Belgium cannot be allowed in unless they are being imported for a coin collection, for which you will probably need some form of proof.

Remember to check before you send any parcel to Belgium to ensure the rules haven't changed.

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