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Cheap Parcel Delivery to Bangladesh

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With RAND Logistics' market-leading courier service, sending parcels to Bangladesh has never been simpler. Our international shipping rates from the UK are extremely competitive, and our reliable network transports thousands of parcels safely and quickly to Bangladesh every year.

The People's Republic of Bangladesh has been an independent nation since separating from West Pakistan (now Pakistan) in 1971. It is currently one of the most densely populated countries in the world, supporting the 8th largest population with only the 94th largest territory. With approximately 161 million inhabitants, 17 million of which reside in and around the capital of Dhaka, Bangladesh has a lot of post.

There are a number of options for sending letters and parcels Bangladesh, however our international shipping service represents the most cost-effective rates and reliable delivery. You can get an instant quote for your parcels by using our instant quotation form at the top of this page, and see our best prices for yourself.

Shipping Restrictions

Every country in the world maintains a list of goods which are prohibited or given restricted access past its borders. Sending a parcel to Bangladesh is no different, and it's important that you check what will and will not be accepted via international mail. If you fail to comply to these regulations your parcel may be seized at customs, and your goods are likely to be destroyed.

The Bangladesh list features many items which are typically prohibited or restricted around the world. It?s understandable that biological matter, firearms and ammunition and radioactive materials are not permitted by customs. Live animals, obscene material, alcohol and currency are also forbidden all of which are fairly typical of an international postal system.

Slightly more unusual is Bangladesh's prohibition of sending leather or hemp fabric into the country, and also restricting any type of coffee plant including seeds and beans. You will also not be able to send American cotton, pink quinine or any artifact falsely claiming to have been manufactured or produced in Bangladesh.

Before sealing your package to Bangladesh, please check the country's official register of prohibited items, as well as cross-referencing with the UK list to ensure your parcel will safely reach its destination.