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Cheap Parcel Delivery to Bahrain

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For sending a parcel to Bahrain, RAND Logistics can offer great low rates and excellent, reliable service. We work with suppliers to provide the most competitive rates available to our customers on international courier deliveries to Bahrain.

The island nation of Bahrain sits in the Persian Gulf and consists of an archipelago of 33 islands, the largest of which, Bahrain Island, is connected to Saudi Arabia by the 16 mile King Fahd Causeway. Known for its large oil and natural gas reserves Bahrain is an incredibly wealthy country, 92% of which is covered by desert.

To send a parcel to Bahrain, no matter if it's large or small, simply use the form above to get an instant quote from RAND Logistics. We're confident that you won't find better rates anywhere else and the service we provide is second to none so book with confidence and discover just how hassle free international shipping to Bahrain can be.

Shipping Restrictions

Many countries provide long lists of items which cannot pass through customs if they have arrived at that country through the international mail system, making it extremely important that you check whether or not you can send an item to your destination country. It may surprise some people to know that Bahrain has relatively few rules, but the ones it does have should still be taken seriously and adhered to by anyone sending a parcel to Bahrain.

Items prohibited for entry into Bahrain include those which could pose a security risk or put those working for the mail system in danger, such as arms and ammunition and radioactive materials. Other prohibited items which may cause a problem with contamination with diseases brought from the host country into Bahrain include perishable infectious and non-infectious biological substances. Furthermore, cultured, imitation, artificial and bleached pearls cannot be sent to Bahrain.

However, these are just the current rules, so always check that this is still the case when you send a parcel to Bahrain.