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Cheap Parcel Delivery to Austria

Rates starting at just £15.40

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For the most competitive rates and the highest level of service sending a parcel to Austria, RAND Logistics are proud to offer the best on both accounts. Through the great deals we've negotiated with our partners we can pass on these significant savings on international shipping to Austria to you the customer.

The landlocked Republic of Austria sits in the centre of Europe and is bordered by eight different countries. With a high GDP per capita it is one of the world's richest nations and its 8.4 million inhabitants enjoy a very high quality of life. Its name literally means "Eastern Kingdom".

If you are looking to send a parcel to Austria by courier, simply use our quotation form above to get an instant quote for your package. We're confident that the rates we can offer won't be beaten by anyone else.

Shipping Restrictions

It is really important that you familiarise yourself with a country's prohibited and restricted items before you attempt to send any parcels overseas, as many countries do not allow in certain items that you might otherwise be able to send domestically.

In Austria, some of the prohibited items include those that could put the mail handlers in danger, such as arms and weapons and firearms. Items that could cause a contamination risk, such as live bees and leeches and live plants and animals, are also prohibited, along with other items such as human remains, foreign lottery tickets and specific books which are prohibited by the Austrian courts.

Restricted items, which carry their own rules and limits, include products made of precious metals which must be an acceptable level of fineness and Austrian coins. Meat, animal products and plants are also restricted, and must come accompanied with information to ensure they are not a contamination risk. Medicines will only be permitted with an import license. Be sure to check with the relevant authorities for the most up to date information.

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